Smart Wi-Fi

what can we do

Wi-Fi offers what IT requires for strong enterprise IoT networking and what Marketing requires for a better personalized experience. Most organizations already have a Wi-Fi infrastructure covering extensive areas of real estate because of its scalability and security. Taking advantage of existing infrastructure, installed Wi-Fi can be leveraged as the communication channel and the devices can be connected to electric outlets.

Enterprises can leverage installed standard Wi-Fi for in-building or campus environments which is useful for some IoT applications such as building and home automation or in-house energy management. Our Smart Wi-Fi is the ideal solution for any business looking to offer a secure internet service to their customers in a user-friendly manner, while collecting valuable data for intergration in a Smart building and future promotional retargeting campaigns.
Smart Wi-Fi integrates best in enterprise-grade, location-ready Wi-Fi with Location-Based Services. This cloud-based solution is built with modern technology, especially Data Analysis & Business Intelligence and updated Wi-Fi standard to make itself as a complete solution. This powerful analysis and statistics tool is essential for business, it not only offers major advantages in capacity, security coverage and ease of use in smart building, but also create an omni-channel experience that engages customer with personalized sales message.
2 comprehensive approach of Smart Wi-Fi

  • Smart Wi-Fi for IoT networking.
  • Wi-Fi Marketing Platform for any business type of any scale.