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We help you communnicate the value of your project so you get the buy-in and adoption you need to success.

Smart Building

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already having a significant impact on the CRE industry, helping companies move beyond a focus on cost reduction. The IoT offers innovative smart building solutions to meet these goals while revolutionizing traditional building automation and management systems.

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Smart Surveillance

Surveillance plays a huge part in today’s society. In accordance with the growth of smart surveillance in smart building, IoT makes it possible to gain greater visibility for organizations that want to safeguard their people, assets, and buildings and prevent critical loss through real-time surveillance.

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Smart Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi offers what IT requires for strong enterprise IoT networking and what Marketing requires for a better personalized customer experience. Most organizations already have a Wi-Fi infrastructure covering extensive areas of real estate because of its scalability and security.

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Marketing Platform & CEM

Catching up with the world’s trends, MOBIO was established to create a comprehensive Digital Marketing & CEM Platform, enable businesses to effectively implement marketing campaigns and optimize the customer experience.

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Brand Management Platform

The transformation of brand management within the digital space is now moving toward the necessary change which in line with important role of enhancing brand awareness of any brand of any business scale.

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welcome to Conera

Ideas and breakthroughs fuels by experienced executive board and development team.

CONERA has delivered many innovative and tailor-made mobility solutions for enterprises, ensuring data collection, storage and secured processing. Step by step, we have proved capacity and position in this lightning-fast growing industry. At CONERA, we work passionately to find innovative, smarter and more efficient ideas to harness the power of the creativity, research and development. It enables us to transcendent the present levels of development, solutions and services.

Why Choose Conera?

For years of development, our core values is bringing the most suitable solution to meet the needs of each customer. We always consult with our customer about service with the approach of technique and professional. In addition, our R&D team and Data Scientists are constantly researching to keep pace with global technology change and optimizing BI & Analytics Platform to provide our customers with detailed intelligence about the state of their business.


Increase Efficiency and Value

Improve workplace safety and operational efficiency, get more with high-performance and specialized technologies while saving costs and simplify management.


Transform your industry using data, IoT and AI

Transform business with IoT and AI-powered business intelligence helps companies break down data into manageable insights and aid executives in their decision-making processes.


Intelligence from Device to Cloud

Cloud-based big data analytics technology supports the rapid development and management of devices (or applications) and analytics required to leverage the value of large volumes of real-time data.


Build deeper customer relationships

Deep analytical capabilities let you perform in-depth customer segmentation, and monitor the effectiveness of service as well as driving operational excellence and digital transformation.