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We are a leading Software & Solution Provider

CONERA has been spin off from PINGCOM Company as subsidiary focus on IoT and Automation solution. During years of development, PINGCOM has delivered many innovative and tailor-made mobility solutions for big enterprises such as Samsung Vietnam, Mobifone, VPbank, PVCombank, Budweiser, etc.

By having the talented core team of Data Scientist, Engineering and Developer from PINGCOM, this new subsidiary CONERA will power the solutions of Digital Transformation which enable our customer to transform in Connected Era. We are focusing on Crowd Analytics, Internet of Things & Automation where AI and Big Data is as the core.

We have partnership with many global automation software provider of advanced, web-enabled OPC UA and BACnet certified visualization, analytics, and mobile software solutions for any energy, manufacturing, industrial or building automation application.

At CONERA, we work passionately to find innovative, smarter and more efficient ideas to harness the power of the creativity, research and development. It enables us to transcendent the present levels of development, solutions and services.

who we are

CONERA is a full service software development company, focusing on digital transformation and providing IoT solution for enterprise in time of connected era.

what we do

During years of development, CONERA has delivered many innovative and tailor-made mobility solutions for big enterprises.

Our team

CONERA is founded by a group of passionate technologists and thriving under the leadership of an experienced executive team.

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Why Choose Conera

Increase Efficiency and Value

Improve workplace safety and operational efficiency, get more with high-performance and specialized technologies while saving costs and simplify management.

Transform your industry using data, IoT and AI

Transform business with IoT and AI-powered business intelligence helps companies break down data into manageable insights and aid executives in their decision-making processes.

Intelligence from Device to Cloud

Cloud-based big data analytics technology supports the rapid development and management of devices (or applications) and analytics required to leverage the value of large volumes of real-time data.

Build deeper customer relationships

Deep analytical capabilities let you perform in-depth customer segmentation, and monitor the effectiveness of service as well as driving operational excellence and digital transformation.

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